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Attachment EMDR uses the structure of EMDR but facilitates corrective emotional experiences specifically around relationships. For more on the basic EMDR structure (click here). Attachment EMDR targets relationships either past or present and helps us process around those relationships. It goes back to the saying "we are hurt by relationship and we become healed through relationship".  Attachment EMDR helps facilitate this. The whole point of EMDR is to create new experiences by literally changing the way we experience people or memories. Have you ever found yourself reactive to a particular type of person or found yourself not liking a particular person based on their personality or how they acted? Most likely, this can be attributed to you being impacted by someone in your past that reminds of this person. There is a saying about trauma that as much as we try to forget, our body never forgets and reminds us through our emotions. Attachment EMDR helps us process, grieve, and heath through focusing and restorative relationships and figures that we might not have received in our past. To read more information specifically on Attachment EMDR, the main book and resource for this specific type is called Attachment-Focused EMDR by Laurel Parnell.

Attachment EMDR is also great in couples counseling. I have found that there are moments where we just get stuck and that stuck feeling is based on bad experiences (albeit current or past moments). This process helps us get out of those ruts and reconnect. There is something wonderful in being able to share a deep emotional experience with the person you are closest to and live life with the most. I have often witnessed the non-participating spouse being as impacted by EMDR just by watching the other go through the process. It becomes a shared experience which in and of itself is healing.